Keyes Contributing Exit Planning Book Targeting Women

Upsize Magazine - Julie Keyes

Women small business owners looking for advice specific to their own challenges with the business transition process will soon have a resource.


Julie Keyes, founder of KeyeStrategies, has written Poised for Exit: A Woman Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Transition, which shares advice from women small business owners she has advised and from other transition experts. She also shares details around her own business sale.

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Are You Poised for Exit?

Exit Planning Institute on Julie Keyes

After becoming a certified exit planning advisor, Keyes wanted to help other business owners have a better experience transitioning than she did in the past. Keyes book, Poised for Exit, provides strategic planning guidance when starting your business transition process based on her experiences and expertise.

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Roundtable: Business Boards

Upsize Magazine - Julie Keyes

Entrepreneurs often feel alone on an island when dealing with the pressures and problems they encounter running their businesses. But there usually are a number of resources they can turn to for help — including others like themselves.

Baby Boomer Resilience

J. Christopher Cuneo

OK, Boomer: With COVID-19, It’s Time to Dust Off That Resiliency Again.

Can disappointed Baby Boomer business owners muster the resilience required to create and implement a successful business transition planning process and, if so, how?

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Team Meeting

Your Exit Planning Business Sale Transition Team

Todd Krough

Why Include an Investment Advisor? We know what works, yet most don’t do what works. Why the disconnect? 

According to a recent survey conducted in Minneapolis, MN by the Exit Planning Institute, 79% of owners polled had no set exit planning process for their business, yet the majority planned to sell in less than 5 years.

2020 – Strategy: Prepared for Thick and Thin 

Todd Krough

Beyond public and private health issues, there are a bundle of data points which will prove crucial over the year ahead. What will be the impact of the containment policies on the economy? How will international disruptions impact the U.S.? What does the recovery look like and when? Has the market already discounted the worst of this?

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Copying Down

Questions to Ask Advisors

Cary Tutelman, Larry Hause and Keith Moeller

A short checklist to help you decide if a certified exit planning advisor is right for you and your needs. When you’re selling your company, you want not gaps in advice and it also needs to be relevant, timely and accurate.

Important Succession Conversations for Family Businesses

Family Business Center

For Family Owned Businesses, there are several dynamics at play. Family members in the business are trying not to ruin Thanksgiving, so many times the tough conversations get put off until it’s too late. This checklist will help you navigate how to sell a family business.

Conversation between Colleagues
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COVID-19 Resource Center

Guidance and regulations involving COVID-19 are changing rapidly—often with little or no notice to the public. Our alerts and resources pages are continually updated. Please make sure you are reviewing our most recent guidance, and consult a member of our team before taking action.

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