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As a Certified Exit Planning Adviser to privately held companies, I’m well aware of how busy my owner clients are. In those long days as a small business owner myself, before I began consulting, there were many sleepless nights over business issues whether they were good problems to have (like growing pains) or not so good (like terminating a long term employee). I sure could have used a good mentor in those days! One thing that would have helped me gain some clarity and focus are the very things I’m offering here for free on this website. The Tools and Resources I have made available for you come from national firms whose varying fields of expertise are essential in forming a strong business transition team. These Tools and Resources will help you get some preliminary thinking and planning done that will save you money in professional fee’s when the time comes to retain your team of advisers. Get your business exit strategy started here.

Copying Down
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Sale Readiness Financial & Tax Readiness

Partial Due Dilliegence Checklist

Planning for Successful Families & Business Owners

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Questions from a Legal Perspective

Questions from a Financial Perspective

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Questions from an Insurance Perspective

Transition Planning Checklist

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Succession Planning Questions

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Elevating Business Value by Sunbelt

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