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Are You Poised for Exit?

As a Certified Exit Planning Advisor, Julie Keyes presents her book and exit-ready resources to prepare you for an exit on your terms

Poised for Exit

The Book: Poised for Exit

Regardless of your age, gender, industry, or company size, you will eventually need to exit from your business. How well you exit is largely dependent upon how well and early you plan. Poised for Exit is meant to help prepare you and your firm for an exit based on your own terms. Your business exit will likely be the biggest financial transaction of your life, and for the majority, you have one shot at doing it right. The tools and checklists in this book are meant to help you lay some of the groundwork. It will also give you a guide for what comes after an exit. 

There are roughly 11 million baby boomers who currently own small businesses in the United States. Yet, the “tsunami” of exits has yet to occur. One reason has to do with the concept of “readiness.” This book is meant to help prepare a business transition process for you and your firm so you can exit based on your own terms. 


Using my expertise as a certified exit planning advisor and my experience as a business owner, I created Poised for Exit to help ease the process for other owners starting their business transition planning.  


Thank you for taking the time to read this book. My hope and prayer is you achieve the best possible outcome for your future exit. 


Be well,


The Podcast: Poised for Exit

Julie Keyes hosts a weekly podcast, Poised for Exit, that features business owners and professionals from a variety of industries. The podcast for small business owners discusses topics, experiences, and lessons relevant to small businesses with actionable next steps. Whether you’re currently working on your business transition process or you are preparing for the future, the Poised for Exit podcast provides industry-leading insights for your business.

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About Julie Keyes, Creator of Poised for Exit

Julie Keyes has 28 years of experience with exit planning for small business owners, both professionally and personally. She is equipped with an exceptional understanding of the exit planning process to provide leadership and mentorship for business owners starting their business transition process. Julie Keyes is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor providing speaking and educational opportunities. 

Join the “Business Transition Readiness” Program

The "Business Transition Readiness" program helps business owners start and improve their business transition planning. The online, 4-session long program covers topics essential for preparing and executing your business transition process. As a Certified Exit Planner, Julie Keyes relies on her experience and expertise in the field to lead business owners to a successful business exit. 

Join Julie Keyes from KeyeStrategies on KRWC AM 1360 every Tuesday at 8:30 pm for the Poised for Exit Radio Show. It’s a 30-minute show offering strategic planning guidance for busy small business owners. Each week, you’ll hear certified exit planning advisor Julie Keyes talk with a range of entrepreneurs and professionals about preparing your business for a future transition.

The show will provide you with tangible strategies and planning guidance that will help business owners grow the value of their business for selling your business. 

Endorsements of Poised for Exit

Click through these slides to see what real business professionals have to say about Poised for Exit. 

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